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The efficacy of chlorine, that is, the power of it to have an effect, is greatly influenced by the care with which you manage your pH levels. As the pH of your pool increases, the killing power of your chlorine decreases. At a pH of 6.0, we'll get 96% or so of the potential out of each lb of chlorine, but at what cost? Such a low pH would wreck havoc on all of the surfaces the water comes in contact with, including swimmers and pool equipment. It's just too corrosive. Move the pH up to 7.0 and the efficacy of the chlorine drops to 73%, but raise it up to 8.0, where many a pool seems to drift to, and it drops dramatically... down to 21%! At a perfect pH level of 7.5, we can expect to have about 50% of our chlorine in the molecular structure of hypochlorous acid, the active, killing form. The remaining half is in the form of a hypochlorite ion, which is also an active form of chlorine, but very weak and slow to kill.



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