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Above ground pool openings include the services listed below:

  • The pool cover will be removed, cleaned and stored on the owners property.
  • Pool equipment will be installed and the filter system will be assembled and activated.
  • Water will be added while assembly is going on and if the water is at proper level when servicemen are completed, the pool pump will be started.
  • Water chemistry will be checked and super chlorinated and a stain and scale preventative will be added.
  • A general inspection for problems will be made.

Important Notes For Above Ground Pool Openings

  • The pool owner should attempt to siphon water off cover and remove leaves before servicemen arrive since excessive and decaying leaves could easily get into the pool when the cover is being removed.
  • There will be an extra charge for removal of excessive water or leaves from the cover and from the pool.
  • Pools with heaters - an attempt to light the heater will be made. If the heater will not light and cleaning or repairs are needed, one of our trained heater servicemen will have to come on a separate visit with an additional charge.
  • Additional Charges may apply - see link
  • A 50% deposit is required to schedule any service (balance is due when job is complete)


Important Notes for In Ground Pool Openings

  • Water level must be at least 2 inches above the skimmer in order to properly start up the pool. Please place garden hose under the cover and fill pool to proper level a day or two before servicemen arrive.
  • Solid covers should be pumped dry and leaves removed by owner. Dirty water with decaying leaves could easily get into the pool on cover removal. An additional charge will apply if we must remove leaves and excessive water must be pumped off cover.
  • *Heater Activation - We will attempt to light heater. If it will not light and needs cleaning or repairs, there will be an extra charge. In some cases one of our trained heater servicemen may have to come back on a separate visit.
  • We assume no responsibility for tearing of covers due to winter damage or normal cover removal. Safety cover repairs need to be mentioned in advance since servicemen must make a drawing of the cover, with any tears, as it sits on the pool. Repairs will only be made in the spring, before the manufacturing of new covers begin.
  • Pool vacuuming is not included, with the exception of up to 1 hour for mesh safety covers. Please let us know in advance if you wish for your pool to be vacuumed, as time must be allocated to the men for the task. Vacuuming is charged by the hour.
  • Additional charges or deductions may apply - see link.
  • A 50% deposit is required to schedule any service (balance is due when job is complete)
  • Prices subject to change / correction - please contact us for a free quote on your opening.


If you would like to schedule an opening complete the form in the links below and mail it to us with a deposit. Scheduling is done on a first come first served basis. The earlier you send us the form the better chances we will be able to meet your desired opening date. Please make sure that you are in our service area prior to mailing out the form. Not sure? Check here or call us:

Better Pool Management
13044 Bustleton Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19116
(215) 676-0648



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To schedule an appointment or for more information please call us at 215-676-0648 or click here to fill out an online information form.



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